Can I choose which school my child goes to without the agreement of the other parent?

Sally Clark Blog

If the other parent has parental responsibility, both parents must be in agreement about which school the child should attend and this is same even if your child lives with you and you are there primary carer.

If parents are unable to agree on which school the child should attend, the following routes are available to you:

  • You try to resolve matters between you.
  • You attend mediation. Mediation is a process whereby a mediator will work with both parties to help you make important decisions regarding your children. It is a safe space to discuss issues and discussions are not legally binding, until you reach an agreement which is right for the both of you and more importantly, your child.
  • You negotiate through solicitors. Solicitors will take steps to assist you and to try and resolve matters, without the need for a court application.
  • Either party makes an application to court for a specific issue order. In this case, the Court will be asked to determine which school the child should attend. In order to make their decision, the Court will consider what is in the best interests of the child; Ofsted ratings for the schools each parent has put forward; the commute, etc.

We would strongly advise that you seek legal advice if you are facing a disagreement over schools. We offer a free half an hour consultation, whereby we can provide you with initial advice. If you would like to arrange an appointment, please call us on 01423 637272.

Please note that we also offer a mediation service. For more information or to arrange an appointment please call the number above.