Contact arrangements over the school holidays

Sally Clark Blog

If you read our previous blog about how to parent smoothly through the school holidays you’ll already have a few tips up your sleeve to help you cope with some of the challenges that face families following divorce and separation.

Here we look in more detail at some of the day to day challenges facing parents of school age children, especially during the extra long summer break.

Going abroad

Consent is needed from both parents for a child to travel abroad, whether a parent is taking the children on holiday or perhaps a grandparent or other relative. It is important to remember this and discuss any proposed holiday plans well in advance – and definitely before anything has been booked.

Different routines

Contact arrangements during term time will probably be part of everyone’s daily routine and children will generally know what days and weekends they will be spending with each parent. In the holidays, all this can be thrown in the air. Children like to know where they stand and will be unsettled if there is uncertainty about where they will be staying over the holidays. Keep them undated on your discussions and, where possible, include them in the planning.


Term time childcare arrangements may not cover your family’s needs over the holidays and the cost of additional childcare, summer holiday clubs and activities may need to be discussed. A compromise may have to be reached over which parent pays for what and the activities that the family can afford.

Resolving conflict

For some families, particularly those that have found it difficult to reach agreements over childcare and contact, the stress of negotiating new arrangements can be significant.

If you are struggling to reach a compromise with your ex or are worried about how to approach the subject of school holiday contact, we can help. As family lawyers and mediators we can talk to you about your options when making arrangements for your children this summer. Contact Clark Family Law on 01423 637272.